Last night, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez joined All In with Chris Hayes to discuss Trump’s failed lawsuits, the importance of making it easier for Americans to participate in the democratic process, and President-elect Biden’s historic victory.

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“This election ended, again, over two weeks ago. And we are a nation in crisis. We’ve got to get to work. And that’s what needs to be done.”


“This is unconscionable what took place. And at the same time, Chris, I think it’s really important to take a step back. Joe Biden won with record turnout. He’s now over 80 million votes. We’re going to be closer to 160 million people turning out than 150 million people turning out. We had heroic people across America administering elections in the middle of a pandemic. That’s what I hope we reflect on, was the heroism day in and day out of people across America who were making sure that folks were able to cast their vote.

“And the other lesson we should take away from this, Chris, is when we give voters options. And that’s what we did this election. You could early — you could vote by mail, you could in-person early vote. You could vote the day of the election. When you give people options, more people vote. That’s a good thing. The difference between us and them is they don’t like it when more people vote.”

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