LANSING — Nearly a year out from the last general election, all 12 Republican candidates for governor continue to stoke distrust in democratic systems and encourage increasingly dangerous conspiracy theories.

New reporting from WDIV Local 4 specifically calls out James Craig, Garrett Soldano, Tudor Dixon, and Ryan Kelley, noting they “have called the results of the election into question” – despite the fact that numerous independent analysis and audits have shown the 2020 election in Michigan was among the most secure in the state’s history. 

Read below from WDIV Local 4 on what will remain the number one issue for Republicans even though Michiganders need continued leadership on infrastructure, revitalizing our economy, and getting working families safely back to work:

Click on Detroit: GOP candidates for Michigan governor still question 2020 General Election results
By Grant Hermes and Dane Kelly

The race to be Michigan’s next governor is heating up.

On the Republican side, candidates are making new claims about the 2020 presidential election. In an update on Facebook, Ryan Kelley called to overturn the election.

Kelley, who has been seen in pictures and videos on the Capitol steps during the Jan. 6 insurrection, is the latest candidate for governor to insinuate or outright claim the 2020 election wasn’t secure, despite abundant evidence proving otherwise.

In fact, all four front-runners have called the results of the election into question.

Grand Rapids chiropractor Garrett Soldano has claimed the 2020 election was stolen and has called for a so-called forensic audit of the election.

In an op-ed published Tuesday, former Detroit police chief James Craig — who had avoided questions about false election claims — also called for an audit.

In an interview with Local 4, Tudor Dixon dodged the question and claimed Michigan’s absentee ballots exposed voters to widespread fraud.

There is no evidence that absentee voting increased fraud. There have been more than 250 audits of Michigan’s election and all of them have confirmed the 2020 Election was secure. […]

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