Despite Dixon’s recall now being dissolved, dozens of efforts remain 

LANSING — Yesterday it was reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon opted to withdraw her attempt to recall Governor Whitmer. Dated on July 21st, the paperwork to dissolve “Michiganders to Recall Gretchen Whitmer” was filed the day after the Governor’s campaign disclosed raising $8.5 million from April to July and having $10 million cash on hand, concrete testaments to Whitmer’s strong performance over her first term.

Fred Wszolek, one of Dixon’s campaign consultants, was one of the first and most vocal Republicans to do an about-face on the recalls once Whitmer’s fundraising numbers went public. Wszolek called out “every grassroots conservative in [Michigan]” and “the various Recall Whitmer activists” urging them to “pack it in now,” arguing that their efforts to challenge Whitmer would be unsuccessful and only serve to strengthen her positioning as the 2022 cycle takes shape.

Aside from Whitmer’s strong fundraising, Dixon’s recall comes amid the Governor’s successful Vacc to Normal program and robust investments into key aspects of Michiganders lives, resulting in a rapid economic comeback. 

Though implementing a robust strategy that found her petitioning both the Trump and Biden administrations for solutions that would increase the supply of doses, Governor Whitmer’s program has delivered nearly 10 million shots in arms statewide. 

And as working families get safely back to their routines, Governor Whitmer has secured over $17 billion towards public schools, a historic investment that eliminates decades-old funding gaps between school districts. Additionally under her leadership, federal COVID-19 relief dollars were used to put nearly $400 million towards communities hit hardest by recent flooding, childcare for frontline workers, and supplemental funding for state and local law enforcement.

These are just a few examples of Governor Whitmer’s relentless leadership that resulted in Michigan having the fastest economic recovery in the Midwest and lowest unemployment since the pandemic began. 

“Apparently bipartisanship isn’t dead after all. Though Tudor Dixon’s recall of her recall barely puts a dent in the dozens of recall efforts against Governor Whitmer, we appreciate her concession that hyperpartisan obstruction for the sake of was always the goal here,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “This baseless political stonewalling was always ridiculous and unwarranted on its face. And it has become even more starkly out of touch in light of Governor Whitmer’s continuous delivery of programs and resources that put Michiganders first by strengthening our public education system, keeping our local law enforcement departments funded, and maintaining the upward competitive momentum of our economy — all without raising taxes. That’s the leadership Michiganders deserve, and Dixon’s withdrawal of her recall petition is evidence that Democrats aren’t the only ones who think so.”

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