LANSING — In case you missed it, late last week Bridge Michigan reported that Michelle Lundgren, one of the fake electors who has been charged with attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election, is running against state House Speaker Joe Tate, a model of leadership here in Michigan, in the upcoming election. 

As is made clear in the story, Lundgren is completely unfit for office and represents the MAGA extremism at the heart of MAGA Matt Hall’s MIGOP that threatens our democracy and the issues that Michiganders hold dear. Lundgren is currently fighting felony charges for her role in trying to overthrow the results of the 2020 election and continues to espouse conspiracy theories that are all too common among Republican leaders here in Michigan.

These far-right radicals have no place representing Michiganders at any level, and this candidate is a disgrace to the honorable men and women protecting our democracy from the very attacks Lundgren took part in. 

Read more about this MAGA extremist candidate here:

Bridge Michigan: Michigan ‘fake elector’ takes on top Democrat in bid for state House

  • Michele Lundgren… [is] challenging one of the most powerful Democrats in the state — and fighting felony charges for allegedly trying to help overturn Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss…
  • Party officials are concerned by what they view as efforts to normalize beliefs that President Joe Biden’s 2020 win in Michigan was illegitimate, despite reams of evidence to the contrary.
  • “That someone who is…one of the fake electors that have been charged with felonies is running against our leader, our speaker of the state House — the idea of it is almost hard to fathom,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes told Bridge. “It’s a little shocking to me.”
  • Lundgren is one of 15 Republicans accused of falsely filling out paperwork that asserted Trump won Michigan, even though Biden won by 154,188 votes. The case remains pending in Ingham County’s 54-A District Court.
  • The document purported to be an official certificate awarding the state’s presidential electors to Trump in what Attorney General Dana Nessel claims was an attempt to keep him in the White House…
  • Barnes, the Democratic party chair, predicted Tate “will have no trouble holding onto his seat” and said the party is primarily focused on competitive races that could make or break House Democrats’ slim majority.


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