ICYMI: James Craig is “Not Going to Sit Here and Tell You” What He’ll Do as Governor

Following his speech yesterday before the Michigan Economic Developers Association, James Craig told reporters that he was in favor of eliminating the state income tax entirely, stating that he “would like to get rid” of a critical funding source for infrastructure projects, police, and schools.

However, before committing to it as a full campaign pledge, the Detroit Dodger punted: “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that’s exactly what I’m going to do because I don’t know the unintended consequences of that.”

To date, Craig’s campaign has been defined by a glaring absence of “specific policy proposals” and even more damning disregard for the unconsidered consequences it would impose on Michiganders. 

After avoiding countless opportunities to disclose how he would tackle improving Michigan’s infrastructure, Craig said in September that making key investments in our roads and bridges was not “one of my priorities” and admitted he had no plan to do so.

When given another chance to clarify his policy objectives, Craig flubbed an opportunity to offer substance on that or any other issue, simply stating, “I always start out talking about leadership.”

Then in December, he expressed his “absolute” commitment to ripping public education – a crucial institution for 1.5 million Michigan students – to the studs with no regard for the massive opportunity gaps it would drastically expand between school districts. While advocating for cutting funding for underperforming public schools, Craig said that the death spiral that would come from altering Michigan’s constitution to funnel taxpayer resources to private schools would somehow spur school districts to improve, arguing that when “you incentivize progress, magical things begin to happen.”

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“In the few instances James Craig has bothered to address issues of importance to Michigan working families, he has consistently shot from the hip – proposing barely half-baked cuts with no consideration to what it will mean for our infrastructure, law enforcement, community safety, or schools. Michiganders deserve a leader that will fully think through solutions for their biggest problems. That’s why Governor Whitmer will continue to work with anyone to keep them first.”

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