With calls for an ethics investigation, dodging questions about his past behavior, and failing to deliver any concrete visions for Michigan’s future, this has simply not been MAGA Matt Hall’s week

LANSING — In case you missed it, this week has not been kind to MAGA Matt Hall, as advocates demand an investigation into his concerning past behavior. Not only did he end a press conference to avoid any questions on the topic, but his “press event” tried to pass the blame to Michigan Dems for Republicans’ refusal to come to the table. It must be hard being held accountable for your behavior, huh, Matt? 

As the MIGOP crumbles around him, MAGA Matt Hall has failed to maintain even a semblance of functional Republican leadership. This week alone has exposed even more cracks in his attempts to “lead” as even his own caucus questions his abilities and morals.

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Following the news of disturbing allegations of intimate partner violence leveled against MAGA Matt Hall, advocates in Michigan are demanding an investigation into Hall’s clear pattern of violent and disturbing behavior. It’s evident this guy should not be in charge of anything. See coverage of the letter from advocates below:

The Gander: Michigan leaders demand investigation of ‘disturbing’ behavior from top Republican

  • “According to a letter obtained this week by The ‘Gander’, a group of 10 Michigan women are now calling on the state House of Representatives to launch a formal investigation into Hall’s “violent and disturbing behavior,” figure out why he wasn’t charged with a crime in 2019, and then determine whether he should be booted from office over the alleged domestic assault.”
  • “‘Domestic violence is wrong. Plain and simple. As leaders in this State, we have a shared duty to demonstrate that violent behavior towards an intimate partner will never be tolerated—and to build a community where everyone, and especially women, can feel safe,’ the letter states.”

As advocates are demanding accountability for his behavior from the House, MAGA Matt Hall can’t even be bothered to answer for his concerning history of abuse. When asked about the allegations directly, see how quickly MAGA Matt managed to run from the room:

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MAGA Matt also joined Aric Nesbitt ahead of the Governor’s State of the State address to try to cover for his party’s inability to deliver for Michiganders — never mind that during one of the most productive legislative sessions in years, MAGA Matt consistently voted against vital legislation that Michiganders overwhelmingly support. But don’t worry, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes was sure to set the record straight, as highlighted by the Michigan Advance:

Then, to close out the week, news broke that MAGA Matt’s own caucus – led by Rep. Jim DeSana – is questioning his leadership over the abuse allegations. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the state Republican Party is in shambles, now it looks like the House caucus may soon be dealing with their very own vote over leadership… 

Fox 2 Detroit: House minority leader Matt Hall asked to step down amid domestic violence allegations

  • “Now, Republican State Rep. Jim DeSana of Wyandotte is calling on Hall to step down.
  • “‘Our caucus would not have elected Matt Hall as our leader had we known this,’ DeSana said. ‘I think it’s a basic question of honesty. This report came out and we got factual information on the report and the facts are completely different than what Matt has told us.’
  • ‘The Daily Beast quotes a document from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office and reports that Hall and his girlfriend were driving to Indiana when he ‘became angry and smashed her phone screen.’”


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