Michiganders in the fourth congressional distrcit are fed up with hearing about the Republican agenda that could raise taxes on over a third of working Michiganders, end the Medicare and Social Security guarantee, and ban abortion with no exceptions. This radical agenda would threaten folks across the state — preventing millions from accessing their hard earned benefits and ripping abortion access away. 

In response to the extreme plan from GOP leadership and comments on abortion, Michiganders in Congressman Moolenar’s district are putting pen to paper to bring attention to and fight against the extremist agenda: 

Manistee News Advocate: Make sure Rick Scott plan never sees light of day

“A few weeks ago Rick Scott announced the Republican election strategy: an 11-point plan to “rescue America” that Republicans in the House and Senate would implement if they gain the majority in 2022. This plan is absolutely disastrous for Michiganders — from young folks to seniors. 

“According to the plan, 38% of workers and middle-class families Michiganders will pay at least $1,000 extra in taxes. And on top of that, Medicare and Social Security benefits could expire after five years. This could absolutely upend my life and the lives of many Manistee County residents who rely on these programs to pay their bills and stay healthy with regular doctor appointments. 

“Moolenaar has remained silent on whether he supports this plan, but his record shows that residents should be worried. Considering he received an F from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare for his votes against legislation that would help seniors, it would be no surprise if he supported legislation to make our lives harder.”

Manistee News Advocate: Democrats last line of defense against anti-abortion agenda


“Make no mistake: This is a direct result of the Republicans’ far-right extremist agenda. For years, Republicans in Michigan have campaigned on the right to life, but right to life for who? Because it’s not the right to life for mothers who are at a higher risk of diabetes and dangerous blood pressure levels should they keep their pregnancy, and it’s not a right to life for families who can’t afford to keep their babies and give them safe homes.

“Now, we have Republicans running on platforms to ban abortions with no exceptions.

“We need to re-elect Gov. Whitmer and Attorney General Nessel; we need to make sure we elect more Democrats in our legislature who will take the 1931 law off our books, and we need to send these extremist Republican candidates packing.”

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