LANSING — In case you missed it, the New York Times exposed late last week how a post-convention Michigan GOP is spiraling out of control.

With a headline that speaks for itself – Revolt Brews in Michigan G.O.P. After Elevation of Trump Allies – the story details how high profile donors and longtime GOP members are fleeing the scene after last weekend’s convention proved just how obsessed the party is with carrying on Trump’s 2020 election fraud conspiracies and uplifting the extremist wing who supports them. 

The piece goes on to explain the internal ruptures happening at all different levels of Michigan’s GOP. From Tony Daunt, who is one of the many powerful figures in Michigan Republican politics that rebuked the party’s radical direction and further resigned from the GOP state committee, to the state legislature, where MI House Republicans tried to take a stand against one of Trump’s most loyal defenders, Rep. Matt Maddock, by pushing him out of their caucus.

NYT reporters Nick Corasaniti and Neil Vigdor continue in part:

“…that move at a convention last weekend — where Republicans officially endorsed Matthew DePerno for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state — has ruptured the Michigan Republican Party. After months of strain, it appears to finally be snapping as what remains of the old guard protests the party’s direction.

“…Major donors to the state party indicated that they would direct their money elsewhere.

“…Yet some Republicans in Michigan and beyond worry that a singular, backward-looking focus on the 2020 election is a losing message for the party in November.”

All to appease former President Trump, the state party has willingly combusted under the orders of co-chairs Meshawn Maddock and Ron Weiser, and very clearly chosen a side that has alienated their once most faithful members. 

This party is sacrificing money and loyalty to lift up the anti-democratic misinformation of Trump and his followers. If they aren’t listening to their longtime members and strategists, at what point will they realize they’ve neglected the real issues facing Michigan?


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