Trump has now endorsed Pete Hoekstra as the Chair of the MIGOP, proving that this party will continue to be MAGA extreme & rotten to its core 

LANSING — In case you missed it, late last week, extremist-in-chief Donald Trump took to Truth Social and endorsed Pete Hoekstra as Chair of the MIGOP, as Karamo and Hoekstra continue the ugly battle to claim leadership of this disgraced party. Trump’s endorsement of Hoekstra shows what we have been saying all along – the party is a radical, far-right engine of chaos, no matter who heads it – and the MIGOP is a long way away from having any semblance of a real leader.

What’s clear from Trump weighing in on this fight is that Hoekstra would lead a party as extreme as his predecessor – if they ever stop their constant infighting. Just last week, Hoekstra welcomed QAnon conspiracy theorists to run for any position in the “new” MIGOP – clearly unbothered by the dangerous, out-of-touch conspiracy theories that these fringe groups believe in. 

The MIGOP has proven time and again that they are far more concerned with their internal politics than what is best for our state. It doesn’t matter if Pete Hoekstra or Kristina Karamo emerges at the end of this long and arduous battle, MAGA mania has infected this party through and through.

Take a look at the extensive coverage below for the latest on all the infighting and chaos in the MIGOP: 

CBS News Detroit: Donald Trump endorses Pete Hoekstra to be Michigan GOP chair

  • Former president Donald Trump is getting involved in Michigan politics. In a Truth Social post, he endorsed Pete Hoekstra to be the next chair of the state’s Republican party.
  • Trump saying: I look forward to working with Ambassador Pete Hoekstra as Chairman of The Republican Party of Michigan. He is a winner who was a GREAT Congressman from Michigan and, likewise, did a fantastic job as Ambassador to the Netherlands. Pete will make The Republican Party of Michigan GREAT AGAIN, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement to be its Chairman — HE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN! 

Detroit Free Press: Trump weighs in on Michigan GOP chair fracas, backs Hoekstra

  • Trump’s weighing in as to who should be the party chairman comes at a crucial time with both Karamo and Hoekstra, who was a key surrogate for Trump in the 2016 race in which he won Michigan, claiming to be chair. Hoekstra was voted in last weekend by a number of state central committee members following a vote Jan. 6 in which Karamo was removed…
  • Karamo and her allies, however, have repeatedly insisted that the Jan. 6 meeting was called in violation of party rules and that the use of proxy votes at that meeting means the vote had no effect. Her chairmanship, she maintains, was also upheld by committee members voting at what she says was a properly called meeting Jan. 13…
  • The entrance of Trump into the question of who is party chair, however, could have enormous effects on the debate, even as Karamo and her allies fight in court with the Hoekstra faction to settle the question…

Detroit News: Donald Trump endorses Pete Hoekstra as Michigan GOP chairman

  • It wasn’t immediately clear what prompted Trump to intervene in an intense fight among Michigan Republicans over the chair position. Both factions of the party are dominated by supporters of the former president, meaning his comments could be influential.
  • In a text message Friday night, Karamo said Trump’s endorsement “absolutely” doesn’t change anything. But Jason Roe, a longtime Republican political consultant and former executive director of the Michigan GOP, said Trump’s endorsement would likely mean the end of Karamo’s hold on the state party.

Bridge Michigan: Trump backs Hoekstra over Karamo in Michigan GOP feud

  • Donald Trump on Friday recognized Pete Hoekstra as chair of the Michigan Republican Party, throwing his political weight behind the former ambassador amid an ongoing leadership dispute.
  • The support for Hoekstra by the former president doesn’t settle the dispute but puts significant pressure on Kristina Karamo to relinquish her claim to the post three weeks after critics voted to oust her in what she called an “illegal” meeting. 


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