LANSING — The bombshell Trump indictments yesterday demonstrated not only that Trump himself is a threat to our democracy, but also his followers and allies, many of whom are at home right here in the Michigan Republican Party.

Not only did Rep. Matt Maddock and his wife, former Republican Party co-chair, Meshawn play a central role in Trump’s attempts to overturn the election in Michigan – but the Republican House Caucus continuously follows in lockstep with Trump’s MAGA agenda, sewing division and extremism in our backyard.

The Michigan GOP has become wildly out of step with the values of Michiganders and their allegiance to Trump will be their death knell. Democrats will do everything they can to ensure that people who undermine our democracy and break the law to do it have no place in power.

Read more about how closely the Michigan Republican Party is connected to the latest Trump indictments:

WXYZ: How Michigan & Detroit played a role in indictment against Trump over 2020 election 

  • Michigan is mentioned across nearly three pages in the 45-page indictment, specifically related to the charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States.
  • President Joe Biden flipped Michigan in the 2020 election, winning by more than 150,000 votes over Trump… 
  • The Oakland County Republican Party released a statement on Tuesday night, with Chairman Vance Patrick saying the party “condemns all politically motivated witch hunts. These witch hunts have become far too prevalent in our political environment here in Michigan and nationwide.
  • The Michigan Republican Party has not released a statement as of 8:40 p.m. Tuesday… 
  • The indictment alleges Trump said, “In Detroit, there were hours of unexplained delay in delivering many votes for counting. The final batch did not arrive until four in the morning and–even though polls closed at eight o’clock. So they brought it in, and the batches came in, and nobody knew where they came from.
  • Those allegations were false and there was no evidence of voter fraud in Detroit, with courts also finding there was no fraud… 
  • The indictment also mentions how Trump met with then-House Speaker Lee Chatfield and then-Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey at the White House on Nov. 20… 
  • It also alleges on Dec. 7, co-conspirator 1 sent a text intended for Shirkey saying, “I need you to pass a joint resolution from the Michigan legislature that states that, * the election is in dispute, * there’s an ongoing investigation by the Legislature, and the Electors sent by Governor Whitmer are not the official Electors of the State of Michigan and do not fall within the Safe Harbor deadline of Dec 8 under Michigan law.”

And don’t forget, in 2022, CNN exposed audio from then Michigan GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock describing how Trump and his campaign asked the MI GOP to help conspire to overturn the 2020 election, a key proof point in his recent indictment.


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