Yesterday, the news broke that “podcaster” and MIGOP-insider Tudor Dixon described a 14-year-old child being sexually assaulted by their uncle as a “perfect example” of someone who should be forced to give birth. 

When given the opportunity to clarify, she doubled down on her callous statement saying, “I’m not hiding from it.”

Tudor Dixon’s rabid, boundless crusade to drag Michigan backwards and ban abortion – even when it involves a horrific act on a child – has made national headlines. Read excerpts below.

Heartland Signal: Tudor Dixon Calls Hypothetical 14-Year-Old Incestual Rape Survivor ‘Perfect Example’ to Not Receive Abortion Care

[…] During an interview for “The No BS Newshour,” Dixon told host Charlie LeDuff that she was “solid” on the idea of an abortion ban with the only exception being the life of the mother.

“The question would be like, a 14-year-old who, let’s say, is a victim of abuse by an uncle. You’re saying carry that?” LeDuff asked.

“Yeah, perfect example,” Dixon responded in the middle of the question. […] 

Dixon contradicted herself in the past on whether she supports or opposes an exception for the life of the mother. Last September, she told the MIRS Monday podcast that there should not be an exception for the “health of the mother.” During the “No BS” interview, Dixon defended the past comments as a matter of semantics, saying “health of the mother and life of the mother are different.”

Dixon’s stance matches the 1931 dormant abortion law in Michigan, which criminalizes abortions in all cases except to save the life of the mother.

HuffPost: GOP Candidate: Hypothetical 14-Year-Old Incest Victim Is ‘Perfect Example’ For Abortion Ban

[…] Dixon replied that she would expect that girl to carry the baby to term and that she only supports allowing an abortion when a mother’s life is in danger.

“I know people who are the product ― a life is a life for me. That’s how it is,” Dixon concluded. […]

Asked to clarify why Dixon thinks the case of a teenager who is raped is the “perfect example” of her belief that abortion should be illegal except in cases where the mother’s life is at risk, Dixon provided HuffPost a statement affirming her anti-abortion views and accusing Whitmer of holding extreme views in the opposite direction.

“Not everyone agrees with me that every life has value and we should have the courage, as [University of Michigan football coach] Jim Harbaugh put it, to let unborn children be born,” Dixon said in a statement. “I know that. I’m not hiding from it.”

The Washington Post: Top GOP Governor Candidate: Mich. Abortion Ban Should Cover Rape, Incest

A leading Michigan gubernatorial candidate who said a child victim of rape and incest should carry her baby to full term is the latest Republican to express opposition to legislation that would allow abortions in such cases.

Tudor Dixon told interviewer Charlie LeDuff on his podcast, “No BS Newshour,” that procedures needed to save the “life of the mother” should be the only exception to abortion bans. […]

A representative for Dixon did not respond to a Wednesday evening inquiry on whether she would like to elaborate on her comments. A spokesperson for the Michigan Democratic Party, Rodericka Applewhaite, said in a statement that the “callous remarks are the perfect example of how dangerous Tudor Dixon would be for Michigan families.” […]

Dixon joins a cohort of Republicans who have, amid the fall of Roe, pushed for abortion bans without exceptions for fetuses conceived through rape or incest. […]

The Hill: Michigan GOP Governor Candidate Says Abortion Ban Should Include Cases of Rape, Incest

Michigan GOP candidate for governor Tudor Dixon on Monday said she does not support abortions in any case except for protecting the life of the mother, arguing that a woman should carry a pregnancy to term even in the case of rape or incest.

Dixon told Charlie LeDuff on his podcast show No BS Newshour that even in the case in which a 14-year-old was raped by an uncle, she would not support abortion.

“A life is a life for me,” Dixon said. “That’s how it is. That is for me, that’s my feeling.” […]

Abortion remains legal in Michigan because of an injunction a high court placed in the state, but Republicans are pushing to lift the order after the Roe decision. […]

Talking Points Memo: GOP Candidate Calls Example of 14-Year-Old Incest Survivor ‘Perfect’ for Abortion Ban

Tudor Dixon, a top-polling contender in the GOP primary for Michigan governor, recently argued that young incest survivors who were impregnated by their rapist are a perfect case in support of banning abortion.

Dixon offered that take as she was discussing her aggressive opposition to abortion during an interview on “The No BS Newshour” podcast on Friday.

MSNBC: Gov Candidate: No Abortions for Hypothetical Raped 14-Year-Olds

[…] In case this isn’t obvious, [Tudor] Dixon is not an obscure figure. […]

And as far as she’s concerned, if a 14-year-old Michigan girl is impregnated by a rapist, the government should force that girl to go forward with that pregnancy, regardless of her wishes.

This is, as Dixon put it, a “perfect example” of her beliefs on the subject. […]

And therein lies the point: Dixon’s comments were striking, especially to those who support reproductive rights, but they were also clarifying in the context of a political and policy debate.

In the United States, will our government force raped children to take their pregnancies to term against their wishes? A growing number of prominent Republicans — holding or seeking statewide office — believe the answer should be “yes.” […]

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