Despite chief “neophyte” James Craig’s disproportionate support from MIGOP insiders and out-of-touch Kevin Rinke’s millions, the two Republican gubernatorial candidates only managed to submit enough signatures to qualify for the August primary ballot with hours to go.

In doing so, both reminded Michiganders why they aren’t equipped to lead our state.

First, James Craig Credited His Signatures to “Grassroots Volunteers” Despite Showing Up Alone to Turn Them in and Running Ads for Paid Canvassers

Speaking to Gongwer yesterday, Craig said, “I’ve got to tell you, I got to give a lot of thanks to grassroots volunteers who were so instrumental in making sure we got our petitions in.” Craig was notably alone in pictures of him taken as he was turning his signatures in.

But in reality, the retiree’s campaign confirmed it was paying out-of-state people $7 a signature through late March. Excerpt below from MIRS headline: “Craig Campaign Out-Sourcing Signature Collection.”

A source sends along this advertisement that recently appeared in Florida, of all places, soliciting folks to sign up with the James CRAIG for Governor campaign to circulate petitions to secure his place on the statewide ballot in the fall. The company, hired by the former Detroit police chief, is shelling out seven bucks a name.

The solicitation reads: “In need of petitioners for James Craig for Governor paying $7 per signature in Southern Michigan. Preferring locals but out of state people are welcome.  Housing is not covered. Start date is ASAP.” […] The Craig campaign confirms that it has hired an outside consulting firm that is handling the petition signature collection process with names due at the state bureau of elections by April 19th.

Then, Kevin Rinke, Who Has Been Sued For Workplace Harassment Multiple Times, Touted His “Executive Experience” 

While turning in his ballot signatures yesterday, the Toyota salesman issued a statement saying, “We need a governor who has decades of executive experience listening to the people he leads.”

But while running his dealerships, Kevin Rinke created and maintained a toxic workplace environment at his dealerships. According to court records, working for the Toyota car salesman was a deeply uncomfortable experience because he “believed he could get away with anything.”

He was sued multiple times by employees, who alleged he asked women if they were wearing matching underwear, made lewd sexual gestures, employed “relentless racial slurs,” and even made sexually suggestive comments about infants. The constant barrage of offensive comments and racist language pushed employees to quit and cost Rinke thousands in settlement fees.

Rinke allegedly called a female employee at home and asked if she was receiving oral sex, said “women should not be allowed to work in public,” called Black staffers the n word, referred to a baby as “well hung,” and said that “I promise not to come in your mouth” was one of his favorite phrases.

Lastly, Rinke and Craig Both Dodged Opportunities to Give Michiganders Insight Into Their Personal Finances, Campaign, or Background

Gongwer noted yesterday that James Craig “was asked if they would be releasing his tax returns,” but declined to commit to this basic show of transparency not once but twice. Meanwhile, Governor Whitmer has voluntarily done so annually since she was a candidate in 2018.

And taking after the Detroit Dodger, Rinke reportedly “kept a relatively low profile and did not hold an event with members of the media.”

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