Dems look to fight for the future of climate, health care, and environmental policy in Michigan 

LANSING— In case you missed it, after a historic start to the legislative session this year where Michigan Democrats passed groundbreaking wins for their constituents, Governor Whitmer delivered her “What’s Next” address yesterday, outlining where Democrats in Michigan plan to go from here. 

Michigan has already set a powerful example for the rest of the country, and shown how Democrats are leading the way with policies that improve people’s lives. The governor’s speech laid out the party’s plans for the future, including: continuing to expand access to reproductive health care, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, growing the middle class, and making a cleaner, greener, Michigan. 

For the rest of this legislative session, Democrats will use their momentum to push for another ambitious agenda to help everyone Make it in Michigan. The unprecedented results from the beginning of the year speak for themselves on how Democrats have delivered for Michiganders across the state, and the upcoming agenda will be no different. 

Here is just some of the coverage from yesterday’s speech:

Associated Press: With Democratic control, Michigan’s governor pushes for health care and climate change laws 

  • “Our plans are ambitious, but they are achievable. Let’s get them done,” Whitmer said in Lansing while legislative leaders looked on. 

Michigan Advance: Whitmer centers health, energy, economy and democracy in ‘What’s Next’ address

  • “We accomplished a great deal in the first six months of the year…That was just the beginning. House Democrats are ready to work with the governor and will continue passing smart legislation that focuses on putting people first,” [Speaker] Tate said in a statement.

Detroit Free Press: Abortion access, paid leave, clean energy on Whitmer’s to-do list this fall

  • With an eye toward the 2024 election, Whitmer backed plans to shore up protections for Michigan’s election system. “We cannot allow the will of the people to be tossed out or overturned, and we can’t permit politicians to stay in office despite getting voted out,” Whitmer said.

HuffPost: Gretchen Whitmer Throws Weight Behind Push For 100% Carbon-Free Power

  • “We must face climate change head-on and grow our economy,” [Governor Whitmer] said. She vowed to put her administration’s MI Healthy Climate Plan unveiled in April last year into action. 

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