After a successful campaign over Fourth of July highlighting the reality that “America is back together” thanks to President Biden and Democrats, the DNC kept its foot on the gas this week by announcing a dramatic expansion of the DNC’s “I Will Vote” initiative with Vice President Harris. This historic investment, which includes $25 million in voter education, voter protection, targeted voter registration, and technology, is aimed at making voting more accessible in order to fight back against Republicans’ unprecedented voter suppression efforts.

But that’s not all Democrats were up to. Across the country, mayors, members of Congress, and Democratic state parties were hard at work spreading the message about how President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure framework will create good-paying union jobs, stimulate economic growth, and position the United States to compete and win the 21st century, all without raising a dime from Americans earning below $400,000 — no gas tax increase, and no fee on electric vehicles. Take a look:

And despite the fact that every single Republican in Congress voted against the American Rescue Plan and the billions of dollars of relief it included, it continues to deliver for those hit hardest by the pandemic: 


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