While President Biden and Democrats have pushed a popular, evidence-based plan to defeat the virus and rebuild our economy, Republican elected officials across the country are prolonging the pandemic by spreading misinformation and ignoring science. Just yesterday in Florida, Governor DeSantis appointed a surgeon general who has peddled anti-mask and anti-vaccine rhetoric, once again embracing a pro-COVID strategy that is putting Floridians’ lives at risk as the state surpasses 50,000 deaths from the virus.

Across the country, Republicans are following the same playbook, putting politics ahead of science and prolonging the pandemic in the process. Here’s a look at how Republicans’ lack of leadership when it comes to voters’ number one issue is playing out in the states: 

In New Hampshire: Last week, a GOP lawmaker left the Republican party after New Hampshire House Republicans organized a rally Tuesday opposing President Biden’s new vaccine mandates, saying “It’s not in the interest of the public to allow covid to spread in New Hampshire as it has in Florida. I’m a doctor first, so I stood up for my patients and said, ‘I’m done with this.’ And I left.”

In Michigan: A Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate was permanently banned from YouTube after repeatedly spreading false information on COVID-19.

In Minnesota: The Star Tribune editorial board called out Republican gubernatorial candidate and physician Dr. Scott Jensen for encouraging his supporters to flout COVID-19 guidelines put in place to keep Minnesotans safe. Dr. Jensen, who has already been banned from several social media platforms for spreading misinformation, also spoke at an anti-masking, anti-vaccine mandate rally, where he urged those listening to “be as dangerous as we can be.”

And while Republican lawmakers are on the wrong side of the American people when it comes to defeating the virus, Democratic state parties are holding them responsible: 


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