This Tuesday marks two weeks since DeVos sellout and special interest candidate Tudor Dixon advanced past the crowded and messy Republican gubernatorial primary. Since then, she’s continued to prioritize national special interests over Michiganders with little social media or public campaign events. 

In fact, the only place Dixon has consistently been seen is on a handful of conservative national networks and at conventions that aren’t based in Michigan, pitching her wrong-for-Michigan agenda to special interest audiences. 

This is a notable departure from how Dixon – who was critical of her former opponent James Craig for only doing Fox News interviews – said she would appeal to Michiganders when she was trying to gain traction for her flailing campaign:

“From the beginning of this campaign, we don’t want to hide from the media…We’re not running a campaign from the basement. We want to be out there in front. And we want people to know that when you have questions, we’re going to be there to answer them.” – July 22, 2022

The reality is Dixon still owes Michiganders several answers, such as:

MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“With 84 days to go until the general election, DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon is making clear again that national special interests – not Michigan families – are her priority. Her backwards agenda would eliminate reproductive freedom, decimate public education as we know it, and usher in devastating cuts to law enforcement and infrastructure. Michigan deserves leadership that can stand up to tough questions.”

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