It’s now Day 2 of Elise Stefanik’s flip out after the Washington Post uncovered her Facebook ads inciting violence by invoking the deadly Capitol insurrection and echoing the white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy theory to push a racist and xenophobic message. 

Let’s just say she’s not handling it well.

Today, the Albany Times Union Editorial Board absolutely dragged Stefanik for echoing the same language racist demoagues have used throughout history.

Albany Times Union Editorial Board: “If there’s anything that needs replacing in this country — and in the Republican party — it’s the hateful rhetoric that Ms. Stefanik and far too many of her colleagues so shamelessly spew.”

Yesterday, her office sent out a statement emphasizing that she is definitely not mad for getting called out. Please don’t write that she is mad.

Elise Stefanik: “Team Elise Statement on the @DNC Meltdown and their Hack Stenographers at the @WashingtonPost

“As always, thank you for playing! And raising money for Team Elise! What the liberal hacks at the Washington Post do best”


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