Since his political debut in May, Craig has appeared Fox News over 30 times, significantly outpacing access granted to stateside reporters

LANSING — For someone that claims to lead from the front, James Craig’s been doing a lot of hiding in the back as he marks his first full week as an official candidate for governor. Last Wednesday, he teased a statewide “listening tour” that still has no dates or locations on the books.

After a clunky, sloppy, and “unclear” announcement rollout that ended with him trying to undo his candidacy status within the first 24 hours, Craig’s supposed tour looks more like a residency at the only venue in which he feels comfortable — doing Fox News while holed up in his living room. In almost entirely sidestepping local reporters, he’s gravitated to the chummy and controlled environment the national cable network provides over 30 times since May. 

Craig apparently couldn’t find anyone in the entire state he’s running to represent to break his big campaign news to, instead following through on his pledge to announce his run while on with Tucker Carlson (who remains the only person Craig follows on Twitter).

“It’s not that James Craig goes on Fox News, it’s that he can only ever be found there. It’s the fact that he’s kept more promises to chummy anchors than actual Michiganders. This yet-to-materialize ‘listening tour’ is just another proof point that Craig intends to prolong his already months-long avoidance of direct contact with local reporters. He won’t even answer questions from actual voters at his own events,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “Craig frequently flocks to his safe space because he knows he’ll never have to address key issues there, like whether he thinks our electoral process is above board or why he won’t condemn the abuse police officers suffered at the hands of insurrectionists on January 6th. Meanwhile, Governor Whitmer is displaying what actual leadership looks like by securing hundreds of millions in much-needed flood relief resources for our hardest hit communities — all without raising taxes.”

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