“Governor Ron DeSantis has spent nearly two years putting politics above his constituents’ lives by pursuing policies that have prolonged the pandemic and allowed it to spiral out of control in his state. Now he’s throwing a temper tantrum over a COVID treatment that even the drug makers themselves confirm is ineffective against the omicron variant, which now makes up at least 99% of new cases nationwide. Instead of advocating for vaccines and boosters that will keep his constituents safe, DeSantis has declared war on science, and it’s Floridians who will pay the price.” – DNC Spokesperson Adonna Biel

While President Biden and his administration are working around the clock to combat the pandemic and keep Americans safe, Governor DeSantis has shown he’s completely divorced from reality. 

Instead of focusing on saving lives and pushing treatments that we know work – like vaccines and boosters – Ron DeSantis is lying and putting Floridians at risk so he can score political points.

Orlando Sentinel: “DeSantis blasts halt in antibody treatments even as drugmakers say they don’t work on omicron”

Bloomberg: “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he would consider suing the federal government to allow use of two monoclonal antibody therapies for Covid-19, after the Food and Drug Administration halted their use and said they don’t work against the omicron variant.”

Washington Post: “DeSantis said Monday that President Biden ‘has forced medical pros to choose treating their patients or breaking the law.’ The governor added Tuesday morning, ‘Without a shred of clinical data to support its decision, the Biden Administration has revoked the emergency use authorization for lifesaving monoclonal antibody treatments.’”

The science is clear that these specific monoclonal antibodies are not effective in treating omicron, and the Biden-Harris administration is stepping up to ensure Floridians have access to prevention and treatments that actually work. 

CNN’s Daniel Dale: “As the DeSantis administration rails against the FDA decision to limit use of monoclonal antibody treatments made by Regeneron and Eli Lilly, worth noting both companies say they agree with the feds that these drugs aren’t effective against omicron.”

Washington Post: “Similarly, despite DeSantis’s claim that there is not ‘a shred of clinical data to support’ the FDA’s decision, there is significant data on the monoclonal antibodies’ lack of effectiveness against the omicron variant in a laboratory setting.’”

Insider: “Psaki said the Biden administration is investing in a range of treatments, including monoclonal antibodies, pre-exposure treatments, and oral antiviral pills. She noted that the administration has sent Florida 71,000 doses of antiviral treatments that are effective against both Omicron and Delta.”

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