Ahead of GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy’s debate tonight, we wanted to remind you of what a House Republican majority would look like if Republicans take control. McCarthy is so desperate for power, he’s already handed over the reins to extremists like Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a conspiracy theorist who has spent time cozying up to antisemites and white nationalists.

Associated Press: “Marjorie Taylor Greene took her seat directly behind Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy, a proximity to power for the firebrand congresswoman that did not go unnoticed, as he unveiled the House GOP’s midterm election agenda in Pennsylvania.”

CNN: “McCarthy says he’d put Greene and Gosar back on committees if Republicans win House”

Greene even said McCarthy needed to “give [her] a lot of power and a lot of leeway” to succeed.

New York Times Magazine: “‘I think that to be the best speaker of the House and to please the base, he’s going to give me a lot of power and a lot of leeway,’ she predicted in a flat, unemotional voice. ‘And if he doesn’t, they’re going to be very unhappy about it. I think that’s the best way to read that. And that’s not in any way a threat at all. I just think that’s reality.’”

Beyond elevating members like Greene, McCarthy’s agenda is also extreme. If Republicans take the majority, they’ve made clear they want to gut Social Security and Medicare.

Washington Post: “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that if Republicans win control of the House the GOP will use raising the debt limit as leverage to force spending cuts — which could include cuts to Medicare and Social Security — and limit additional funding to Ukraine.”

NBC News: “The Republican Study Committee, a large group of House conservatives, proposed a budget in June that would incrementally raise the retirement age to collect Social Security, based on changing life spans, and lower benefits…”

Republicans also want to hold the debt ceiling hostage and intend to threaten to crash the economy if they don’t get their way.

MSNBC: “After election, McCarthy to push GOP economic hostage crisis”

Kevin McCarthy: “You can’t just continue down the path to keep spending and adding to the debt. And if people want to make a debt ceiling [for a longer period of time], just like anything else, there comes a point in time where, okay, we’ll provide you more money, but you got to change your current behavior. We’re not just going to keep lifting your credit card limit, right? And we should seriously sit together and [figure out] where can we eliminate some waste? Where can we make the economy grow stronger?”

And they want to try and ban abortion nationally and threaten to throw doctors in jail for providing reproductive health care.

Vanity Fair: “Republicans Double Down on Obliterating Abortion Rights in ‘Commitment to America’ Agenda”

CNN: “McCarthy told CNN he backs legislation to codify a 15-week [national] ban on abortion, saying: ‘I’d support that.’”

In their “Commitment to America” agenda, McCarthy and his lackeys indicated they would increase prescription drug prices for millions of Americans by repealing key pieces of Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act.

Axios: “House GOP eyes repeal of Dems’ drug pricing law”

Americans simply cannot afford the Republican agenda of gutting Social Security and Medicare, threatening to crash the economy, increasing prescription drug prices, banning abortion in every state, and more.

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