Since announcing his campaign, out-of-touch millionaire and Toyota car salesman Kevin Rinke has spent over $200,000 on TV as part of his $10 million dollar pledge to buy the governor’s office. Across four ads, Rinke repeatedly ignores reality and Governor Whitmer’s record in a shady attempt to sell his own credentials.

This week, MDP is launching a fact-checking series to break it down in terms the former Toyota car salesman will understand. Rinke is relying on Used Car Facts to sell working families the bill of goods that. 

Used Car Fact #1 – Out-of-Touch Millionaire Kevin Rinke Is Doing Anything to Keep Michigan Communities Safe

In the first of four short ads, Rinke makes the baseless claim that he’s currently “fighting for safer neighborhoods” while saying nothing of what he has actually done.  

On the other hand, Governor Whitmer has been working with the state legislature to secure additional law enforcement funding and proposed a $75 million plan to hire more police and fund programs to fight violent crime. Her leadership not only resulted in a significant funding increase for Michigan State Police, but also provided resources to procure body cameras and implement training to de-escalate mental health incidents. 

And over her first term, Whitmer secured a total of $1.4 billion for local municipalities to fund local police and emergency services to keep our neighborhoods safe.

When the pandemic put the biggest strain on our first-responders and local officers, Governor Whitmer also delivered $40 million in COVID-19 hazard pay to help them be “better equipped to fight crime today and have the resources to fight crime tomorrow.”

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Kevin Rinke’s used car facts offer nice tag lines but no reality. Governor Whitmer has put in the work to keep our state and local police departments funded and communities safe. Michiganders understand that’s the kind of leadership that keeps them first, not unsubstantiated out of touch claims.”

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