Former president holding a top-dollar fundraiser for his fellow election denier

LANSING — The Michigan GOP’s soon-to-be- nominated secretary of state candidate, Kristina Karamo, will be in New Jersey tonight cozying up to her number one puppeteer, Donald Trump.  As first reported in the Detroit News, Trump is hosting a fundraiser to support her campaign tonight at his Bedminster Golf Club.  
It was Trump who saw Karamo’s election night antics at Detroit’s absentee ballot counting board in 2020 and decided she should be Michigan’s top election officer.  All of her allegations of wrongdoing on the part of election officials that night have been categorically proven false, even by members of her own party.
Trump picked Karamo out of a crowd, endorsed her even though others were hoping for the nomination, and tonight is hosting a $1,000 a head fundraiser in her honor.  Guests willing to shell out $25,000 can get a photo taken of themselves with the two standing side-by-side.  
“Tonight’s event is shameful, and shows Karamo will be more focused on overturning free and fair election results to please her boss, Trump, than doing the job of secretary of state” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes.  “Kristina Karamo is an election denier who peddles conspiracy theories and even calls fellow Republicans who courageously certified the 2020 election, ‘traitors.’  Michiganders don’t need more chaos and division, but if elected that is exactly what Karamo will bring to the table.”
Barnes said at a minimum, Karamo should stay home and return any contribution that comes from tonight’s event.
“No one who wants to be Michigan Secretary of State should raise money from someone who is under suspicion of violating the U.S. Constitution and stealing top secret documents that puts our national security at risk,” Barnes added.


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