Continuing our efforts to call out extreme MAGA candidates attempting to lie about their records on abortion, today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors fall on Colorado Republican State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer. 

Barbara Kirkmeyer is doing everything she can to hide her abortion extremism from voters. Make no mistake, Kirkmeyer harbors a hardline anti-choice stance that paves the way to ban certain forms of birth control like IUDs.

9 News: “Republican State Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer is adamantly anti-abortion, but you wouldn’t be to tell if you looked at her congressional campaign website these days.”

Washington Post: “Colorado state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, also running in a battleground House race, has stopped promoting language defending the ‘Sanctity of Life’ on her campaign website. Now, there is no mention of abortion at all, a review of the website showed.”

Axios: “In Colorado’s hotly contested and newly drawn 8th District — where polls show Republicans can win — Kirkmeyer removed language saying she would ‘defend the sanctity of life’ and took down a video of her speaking at an anti-abortion rally earlier this year.”

Let’s be clear: Abortion extremism is the GOP party line and MAGA candidates like Kirkmeyer can’t run from their record. Kirkmeyer made clear the GOP’s intentions to strip Americans of their right to make decisions surrounding their own reproductive rights to “defend the sanctity of life.” This is what’s at stake come November.

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