We’re knocking out three birds with one stone as today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors fall on Wisconsin’s GOP gubernatorial candidates.

In a messy primary race for governor of Wisconsin, Republican candidates are in a race to the right to show off their abortion extremism. All three GOP candidates running for governor in Wisconsin support an abortion ban with NO exceptions for rape or incest. 

PBS Wisconsin: “All of the candidates support an 1849 Wisconsin law banning abortion that went into effect after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.”

WBAY: “Under the statute, victims of rape and incest no longer have the option to terminate a pregnancy.”

Rebecca Kleefisch, former lieutenant governor, claimed giving women the freedom to make decisions surrounding their reproductive health is anti-feminist. 

Wisconsin Examiner: “Kleefisch said she supports the law as it is, without any expansions to the exemptions — in instances of rape or incest, for example.”

Rebecca Kleefisch: “I think it’s sick the anti-feminist myths that Democrats have tried to peddle to women like me for years that you have to somehow choose between the life of your baby and your own personal success.”

Tim Ramthun, a sitting state representative, takes a stance on abortion that could limit access to certain forms of birth control like IUDs, and opposes any exceptions on abortion. 

Wisconsin Examiner: “‘Life begins at conception. Life is a gift from God. It’s not the child’s fault. It is not the child’s fault how they were conceived,’ he said.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Ramthun in a campaign video said he opposed any exceptions to an abortion ban. ‘I am hardcore, 100% pro-life without exceptions,’ he said.”

Last but not least is Tim Michels, who left the door open to banning contraceptives – proving once again just how out of touch MAGA Republicans truly are on reproductive health care.

Heartland Signal: “Asked about ‘abortion pills passed off as contraception,’ Trump-backed GOP guv candidate Tim Michels says it will be illegal in Wisconsin and that ‘God is unhappy’ with pre-Dobbs America.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Tim Michels, a wealthy construction executive who is leading the GOP primary by one percentage point in a recent state poll, would not say whether he would sign legislation banning emergency contraceptives after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel obtained audio of a local GOP event in Calumet County where he was asked how he would handle ‘abortion pills that are being passed off as contraception.’”

The Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial race is a clear image of today’s Republican Party — too extreme to be in power as Republicans have made clear overturning Roe was only the beginning.

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