Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors fall on South Carolina Senate Republicans as they push to remove exceptions for rape and incest from their total abortion ban.

Republican lawmakers in South Carolina advanced a total abortion ban with NO exceptions.

CNN: “A South Carolina Senate committee voted Tuesday afternoon to send a proposed near-total ban on abortion to the state Senate for consideration after first removing an exception for rape and incest — a move sure to set up a fight over the legislation in the full chamber.”

Associated Press: “A South Carolina Senate committee voted Tuesday to remove exceptions for rape and incest from a proposed abortion ban setting up a showdown among Republicans wary of passing such a restrictive bill.”

Let’s not forget – a group of South Carolina State House members pledged they would not support any abortion ban that has exceptions for rape or incest, saying there is “no reason or excuse” for a “lesser position.”

Meanwhile national Republicans, like South Carolina’s own Senator Tim Scott, have gone radio silent on the extreme GOP’s plans to further restrict reproductive rights. 

MAGA Republicans continue to make clear that they are too extreme to be in power, and now South Carolinians have to live in fear about not being able to make their own health care decisions. Women, and the freedom to choose, are victims of the GOP’s attempt to cling to power, and it’s critical Americans know this is what is at stake come November.

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