Adam Steen: “I would definitely outlaw contraception”

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honor falls on Trump-endorsed GOP candidate for Wisconsin Assembly Adam Steen.

Not only does Adam Steen oppose all abortions under any circumstance, but he promised he would outlaw contraception in Wisconsin if given the chance. 

New York Times: “Mr. Steen’s far-right views are not limited to elections. He is opposed to all abortions under any circumstances and he said in an interview on Monday that he would seek to make contraception illegal in Wisconsin.”

WKOW Burlington: “Steen, who first told the New York Times he would support banning contraception, was asked if that meant birth control, in addition to Plan B pills.

‘Birth control ahead of time,’ a 27 News reporter asked. ‘Outlawed?’

‘Right, because you’re simply trying to avoid a consequence,’ Steen answered.”

Adam Steen and extreme MAGA Republicans tell Americans every day the plans they have if they gain power in November. Overturning Roe was just the beginning, and Republicans are gunning for Americans’ right to make decisions surrounding their own reproductive health care. 

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