Today, MDP is calling on the GOP gubernatorial primary field to commit to the same level of historic transparency as Governor Whitmer and commit to releasing their tax returns, personal financial disclosures, and information about which corporate boards they sit on. 

The candidates in the GOP primary field have run campaigns based on lies and conspiracy theories, attempting to paper over their records, and refusing to disclose financial information: 

  • Tudor Dixon’s Campaign Peddles Lies by Design: Tudor Dixon will stoop to any low necessary to mislead Michigan voters into going along with her dangerous agenda. Just this week an advisor for her campaign admitted to spreading outright lies about Governor Gretchen Whitmer with attacks the Detroit Free Press had to dismiss as “a massive stretch, at best.” And like Soldano, she has never crossed a conspiracy theory too outlandish for her to adopt, using a rally appearance to make the “illogical claim that Whitmer supports rapists and cartels.”

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Garrett Soldano, James Craig, Kevin Rinke, and Tudor Dixon have made clear being transparent with Michiganders isn’t a priority by running campaigns based on outright lies and repeatedly attempting to paper over their records. Governor Whitmer is the first governor in state history to voluntarily disclose tax returns and personal financial information. MDP is calling on the GOP primary candidates to release their tax returns, personal financial information, and corporate board seats because Michiganders deserve to see the same level of transparency.”

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