Tonight, off kilter millionaire Perry Johnson will kick off his campaign, reminding Michiganders yet again that he is “not interested in the same things” as them and becomes the 13th candidate to join the crowded and chaotic Republican gubernatorial primary. 

Johnson has already made clear that he will not fight for Michigan’s working families after throwing $1.5 million behind an unsettling ad blitz that takes credit for every single job in the American auto industry and screams the quiet part out loud: that he doesn’t care about the same things Michiganders do. 

In addition to Johnson, the other Republican candidates running for governor are: James Craig, Mike Brown, Kevin Rinke, Tudor Dixon, Garrett Soldano, Ryan Kelley, Donna Brandenburg, Ralph Rebandt, Bob Scott, Evan Space, Austin Chenge, and Michael Markey.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite released the following statement:

“Perry Johnson has already made clear – by coming right out and saying it – that he does not care about the same things as Michiganders. The last thing the Republican primary field needed is another self-funding millionaire without Michiganders’ interests in mind. Like every other candidate in the crowded and chaotic primary, Johnson owes Michiganders some answers about his plans to attract good-paying jobs, keep kids in classrooms, improve infrastructure and strengthen our economy. 

Meanwhile, Governor Whitmer continues to deliver sustained, competent leadership, never passing up an opportunity to work with anyone to keep Michigan first, continue infrastructure improvements, and expand the strength of our economy and workforce.”

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