Ad Highlights How Klinefelt Blew the Whistle on School Bribery Scandal

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Democratic Party today released “Whistle,” a television ad backed up by a six-figure broadcast buy that highlights Macomb County Commissioner Veronica Klinefelt’s record of rooting out corruption.

Whistle” is narrated by East Detroit high school teacher Lincoln Stocks, who recalls how Klinefelt, then a member of the school board, blew the whistle on officials who were embezzling funds from the school district, resulting in 19 criminal indictments.

“We’re excited about this ad, which highlight’s Veronica Klinfelt’s record of saving taxpayer dollars by holding government accountable. She’ll even stand up to people in her own party when she sees something wrong,” said Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.

The ad will air in the Detroit media market as well as on digital channels. The text of “Whistle”, as told by Stocks, is transcribed below and can be viewed here:

School officials were stealing from our kids. Bribery. Kickbacks. Free Meals. You name it. 

I was there when Veronica Klinefelt blew the whistle. They fought her hard. Called it a witch hunt. Tried to get her thrown out of office.

But Veronica took them all down. 19 criminal indictments. But that’s Veronica. She doesn’t stop fighting for what’s right. 

Now she’s got a plan to make government accountable. Root out fraud in Lansing to save taxpayers’ money. They better watch out.


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