LANSING — Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes today blasted state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey’s Unlock Michigan petition to undermine the ability of public health experts to make critical decisions during a public health crisis. The petition would change the public health code to limit the state Department of Health and Human Services epidemic orders to 28 days without an extension from the Legislature.

“This irresponsible, underhanded attempt by Majority Leader Shirkey and his Unlock Michigan group is nothing more than a cynical Republican ploy to undermine the ability of frontline physicians and first responders to save lives during a public health crisis, such as COVID-19,” Barnes said. “It is also the latest example of Shirkey’s partisan efforts to tie Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s hands at a time when the state of Michigan is seeing fewer and fewer COVID-19 cases and deaths every day. I call on Senate Majority Leader Shirkey to immediately denounce this effort that puts the lives of all Michiganders in danger now and for generations to come.” 


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