The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of spokesman Christian Slater on the announcement of Trump’s Saturday superspreader event in Muskegon:

“Trump has shown nothing but a reckless disregard for the lives of Michiganders as he and his campaign host superspreader events throughout our state. For months, Donald Trump lied about a deadly pandemic. Then he refused to take action as it caused crisis after crisis and he attacked leaders like Governor Gretchen Whitmer who are fighting to keep Michigan safe. Now, almost 7,000 Michiganders are dead, over 130,000 have been sickened, unemployment has skyrocketed, and small businesses have been forced to close while he continues his relentless assault on protections for the 4.1 million Michiganders with preexisting conditions. Just today, over 1,000 Michiganders tested positive for coronavirus. Despite the pain and suffering he has forced on Michigan families, Donald Trump still refuses to address the deadly pandemic he has failed to contain and we will vote in droves by mail, early in person and on November 3 to elect Joe Biden as his replacement and send Gary Peters back to the U.S. Senate.”

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