Dixon becomes the 6th person to join a GOP primary field with as many insurrectionists and anti-vaxxers

LANSING — Today, the Michigan Democratic Party is responding to conservative talk show host Tudor Dixon’s gubernatorial campaign announcement by reminding Michigan voters that this is simply more of the same for this crowded, fringe Republican primary of insurrectionists and anti-vaxxers. 

She’s already rushed to Trump’s side earlier this month to presumably seek his endorsement, putting additional pressure on potential candidate and walking question mark James Craig who refuses to answer direct questions about how loyal he is to the former President and the Big Lie that led to the deadly insurrection on January 6th, a litmus test that will no doubt loom large over this primary.

Just like the other five extremists that have already declared their candidacies, Dixon enters with a string of far-right bonafides she’ll be touting to drag this race further to the right while issues that actually matter to Michiganders get sidelined.

As Michigan battled COVID-19, Dixon was an anti-public safety protest regular, speaking in support of a local restaurant owner who refused to comply with statewide public health protocols to cease operations. Predictably, the establishment in question — revered in conservative circles for not requiring masks or social distancing — served a patron that tested positive for coronavirus, putting a number of individuals at risk and prolonging the impact of this pandemic.

At the latest GOP demonstration, a catch-all rally to reinforce “Trump Unity,” Dixon dove headfirst into the conspiracy theory deep end, baselessly claiming that Governor Whitmer “has decided to represent cartels” and “supports the abuse of children at our Southern border.”

“The recruitment car crash continues in the Republican race for governor. Tudor Dixon’s entry further confirms what we already know: Extremists have completely overrun the MIGOP,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “Don’t hold your breath for anything close to resembling a principled discussion of the issues impacting Michigan families from these Republican candidates this cycle. Instead, voters will have to brace themselves for a race to the bottom that will feature purity tests on being anti-vaxx and demonstrating unwavering commitment to the Big Lie. We’re confident that this shallow field of extremists is a direct result of the strong, steady leadership that continues to define Governor Whitmer’s first term. As we exit this pandemic, Michiganders will recall her record of saving lives, helping our economy recover, making the largest investment in K-12 education in state history – without raising taxes – and creating 11,000 new auto jobs.”

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