Michigan Democrats followed through on another promise: ending the horrible practice of conversion therapy statewide

LANSING— Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation banning the practice of conversion therapy on minors, which will safeguard thousands of LGBTQ children against physical and psychological harm. Conversion therapy is a horrific and inhumane practice which has lifelong mental repercussions, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 

Despite the overwhelming support for this bill and the myriad of scientific evidence stating how dangerous it is, Freedom Caucus members Representatives Friske, Carra, Maddock, Rigas, Smit, and Fox all voted against the ban. Along with other members of the Michigan GOP – Representatives Steele, Tisdel, Thompson, DeSana, Schmaltz, Kuhn, St. Germaine, Martin, De Boer, and Beson these Republicans chose to support what is now widely considered child abuse, couched in the term “therapy.” 

“Today, Michigan Democrats have once again led the way, following through on yet another promise. This legislation takes necessary steps to protect vulnerable Michigan children from physical and psychological abuse by removing an archaic and outdated practice,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “Allowing the horrific practice of conversion therapy to remain legal in our state is simply unconscionable, but that is exactly what numerous MAGA Republicans in the state legislature wanted to do. While the Michigan GOP can once again add ‘children’ to the list of groups they’ve brushed aside, I am proud that Democrats in the state legislature and Governor Whitmer continue to prove that bigotry has no place here.”


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