Lansing — Democrats in Michigan made historic gains yesterday in municipal elections around the state. 

Highlights include:

  • Adullah Hammoud as Dearborn mayor-elect and the 1st Arab American to become mayor in Dearborn
  • Daniel Mahoney as Jackson mayor-elect and the 1st Black person to become mayor in Jackson
  • Mikal Goodman as Pontiac city council member and the youngest person elected to city council in the history of Pontiac. 
  • Esteven Juarez as Kalamazoo City Commissioner and the second Latino person ever elected to the Kalamazoo city commission 
  • Jane Pacheco as Chelsea mayor-elect and three 3 council seats. Winners include Bill Ruddock, Christine Mehuron and Tony Ianelli
  • Alanna Maguire, Jennifer Keho, and Nick Moroz as 3 new Commissioners on the Plymouth City Commission
  • Liz Busch, Maureen Eke and Amy Perschbacher (re-elect) as 3 new Commissioners on the Mt. Pleasant City Commission. Democrats now hold a 7 seat advantage on the Commission. 
  • Timothy Schnelle as Howell Board of Review member
  • Mary Darling as Cheboygan City Council member.

“All politics are local and last night’s victories for Democrats across Michigan prove just that,” said Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “I am thrilled to see so many people of color and women now elected to city councils and local boards. It is a start to having true representation of Michiganders on all levels of government. These big wins for Democrats send a clear message to supporters of the “Big Lie.”  We will no longer tolerate elected officials that continue to spin dangerous conspiracy theories and support lies about unfair and unsafe elections. I look forward to working alongside all of the Democrats elected yesterday to move Michigan forward.”


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