LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes:

“Betsy DeVos just can’t seem to take a hint. The last time they tried to bring vouchers to Michigan, voters resoundingly rejected them. But now that she and Donald Trump are no longer able to undermine education at the federal level, Betsy DeVos is using her free time to try to fleece taxpayers and kids by taking $500 million every year from public schools and giving it to unaccountable private schools. But Betsy DeVos and her friends don’t deserve a cut of Michigan’s record investment in public schools.

“Governor Whitmer has closed the funding gap, and she’s working every day to solve Michigan’s educator shortage and strengthen our public schools. Betsy DeVos’s voucher scheme would turn back the clock on public education, and students and staff would pay the price. We will not let that happen.”


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