LANSING — Today, Governor Whitmer signed the historic multi-billion dollar state budget that will lift up the middle class and grow Michigan’s economy for all, not just the 1%. This budget will improve Michigan’s infrastructure, bring more green jobs to the state, and lower costs for families. 

In November, Michiganders gave full control of state government back to Democrats for the first time in 40 years, trusting them to use their new majorities in the House and Senate to deliver for Michiganders. Now, with this historic budget, Michigan Democrats are proving that they are up to the task, successfully putting money back into the pockets of Michigan families while also improving our schools, roads, public safety, public lands, and housing.

In response to the budget signing, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes released the following statement: 

“Democrats in the state legislature and Governor Whitmer have delivered for Michiganders once again, passing a historic budget that will improve the lives of millions across our state. This is what happens when a government works for the best interest of their constituents, not just those with the deepest pockets. While some Republicans stood opposed to this important progress, Democrats led the way, keeping their campaign promises to lower costs and grow our economy. Thanks to their important work, we are one step closer to a brighter future for all Michiganders.”


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