The petition calls for the Republican Leader to stand up to the vile behavior of his fellow caucus member

LANSING — Today, the Michigan Democratic Party launched an ad campaign and petition slamming Minority Leader Matt Hall for remaining silent about Rep. Josh Schriver after he spread, and then doubled down on, racist conspiracy theories. The ad urges voters to sign a petition calling on Hall to denounce racist conspiracy theories and stop funding candidates who spew hate and bigotry.

These ads will run for the next two weeks and target thousands of voters in Hall’s district. With this petition, Michiganders will continue to show MAGA Matt Hall and the MIGOP that this kind of hate has no place in Michigan, demanding Hall, “denounce Great Replacement Theory and those who spread it, and to commit to the people of Michigan that your political action committees will not contribute to candidates who spread hate.”

“Minority Leader MAGA Matt Hall has stayed completely silent on Rep. Schriver’s blatant racism and will clearly do nothing to hold his members accountable for their extremism,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “This kind of rhetoric is completely counter to the values that we hold dear as Michiganders — it is our job as leaders to call out hate anytime we see it. Through his silence, Matt Hall is showing us exactly who he is.”

In part, the petition states: 

“We are calling on Republican House Leader Matt Hall to denounce hate speech, including Great Replacement Theory, and to commit not to use funds from his political action committees to elect those who spread dangerous hate… 

“Matt Hall says he wants to work collaboratively with Democrats to govern, but when it’s time to show leadership in his own caucus he won’t even speak up to bigotry. It’s time for Matt Hall to change course, denounce hateful conspiracy theories and make it clear that his political action committees won’t fund hate.”

You can view the ad here and the page where Michiganders can sign the petition is here.


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