Today, the Michigan Democratic Party held a press conference at the Michigan State Capitol with Michigan House Democrats – including Leader Donna Lasinski, Floor Leader Yousef Rabhi, and State Rep. Rachel Hood – to celebrate one year of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, not thanks to Michigan Republicans in Congress who are running on a promise to raise taxes on close to 40% of Michiganders and raise health insurance premiums. 

Speakers also called out Republican state lawmakers who refuse to send the billions in federal dollars they’re still sitting on to Michigan communities efficiently, demanding that they work with Governor Whitmer and Democratic state lawmakers to ensure relief money is delivered to the communities that need it most. While GOP lawmakers are more concerned with cutting taxes for the wealthy and letting the federal relief dollars collect dust, President Biden, Governor Whitmer, and Michigan Democrats remain committed to delivering for the Great Lakes State.

“We need those dollars from President Biden here in Michigan for our communities, we needed them a year ago and need them even more now,” said House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinski. “This is not chump change, we’re talking about $6 billion dollars that is not doing the good work we need done. And yet from Michigan Republicans we have stall tactics, we have seen political games, we have seen simple nonsense happen. Republican refusal to bring these federal dollars home is hurting the people of Michigan and if they continue refusing there’s going to be an awful lot of questions from voters.”

“The story here more than anything else is Republican obstructionism,” said House Democratic Floor Leader Yousef Rabhi. “As a state legislator it is irresponsible to sit on federal money that could be spent in our state. If you want relief for working families – allocate the American Rescue Plan dollars. If you want relief for small business owners — allocate the federal money. Democrats stand ready and willing to get this done.” “We’ve already shown the good work that can be done when we put Biden’s American Rescue Plan dollars to work: investments in public health, investments in our child care centers, schools, nursing homes, and other key institutions that now have the capacity to navigate this pandemic. But Republicans in DC, including my representative. Peter Meijer voted against this bill,” said State Representative Rachel Hood. “Now, Michigan Republicans are dancing with corporate tax cuts. Despite this, with Democratic leadership from Governor Whitmer, Michigan’s economy is booming. It’s with Democratic leadership that we’ve been able to support our families and it’s with Democratic leadership that we’ve been able to save our businesses.”

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