LANSING — Earlier today, the Michigan Democratic Party hosted a roundtable discussion with Chairwoman Lavora Barnes and three parents from across the state to highlight how President Biden’s historic middle-class tax cuts have changed the lives of Michigan families by providing much-needed economic relief.

The parents who joined today’s roundtable thanked Michigan Democrats like Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow while also calling out every Michigan Republican who voted against these transformational payments, which have gone to the families of 1.9 million Michigan children and reduced child poverty across the state.

Here’s what these Michigan moms said in their own words about the positive impacts President Biden’s expanded Child Tax Credits have had on their families:

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes:

  • “Not a single Republican supported this relief. President Biden and Democrats like Sen. Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow are the reason that your families are getting direct payments ranging from $250-$300 per child each month to help cover the costs of raising your children.”

Anita Cobb, mom of three from St. Johns:

  • “I cannot emphasize enough that President Biden’s middle-class tax cuts have ensured that I can not only be present in my family’s life, but that my children have the resources that they need. It’s made me feel like a better mom, a better partner, and a better worker because I don’t have to worry about extra expenses or our emergency needs.” 
  • “Raising kids is expensive and I’m happy to have a compassionate leader like President Biden in the White House who understands that and is willing to fight for the families across Michigan to ensure we recover from this pandemic too.” 
  • “Rep. Moolenar had every chance to vote yes for the working families in his district and instead tried to deny an overwhelmingly popular initiative that I know has made a positive impact on myself and a lot of our community members.”

Christie Donn, mom of two from Redford:

  • “The Child Tax Credit payments that we received monthly have literally saved our butts and kept a roof over our heads. Without these middle-class tax cuts, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for the many emergencies that sprang up during the pandemic.”
  • “I’m really thankful that the Biden-Harris administration and all of the Michigan Democrats have fought for families, not just in Michigan but in every corner of the country.”

Kristina Robinson, mom of two from Van Buren township:

  • “Thanks to these payments, we were able to meet our necessary living expenses. I’ve been able to catch up on the bills that got away from us while also buying necessities for my child(ren) and, most importantly, paying for child care.”
  • “The fact that Democrats pushed for these extended Child Tax Credits has meant the world to families like mine. I’m proud to be represented by people in Congress who understand the needs of regular, working families and it’s no surprise that Republicans voted against working class families.”


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