“Our leaders should not be forcing this pain and risk and trauma on girls in Michigan who are not even old enough to vote.” – Dr. Lawrence Ulmer

Michigan doctors and physicians were the latest to call out Tudor Dixon for her anti-choice extremism that makes no exceptions for rape, incest, or the health of the mother. The DeVos sellout has repeatedly vocalized her staunch support for the currently dormant 1931 abortion ban that criminalizes abortion and makes felons out of reproductive health care providers.

Dixon recently faced considerable scrutiny in Michigan and nationwide for saying that incest and rape resulting in the pregnancy of a child was a “perfect example” of why abortion should be banned. When given the opportunity to clarify, she doubled down on her callous statement saying, “I’m not hiding from it” before going on to claim that abortion helps sex predators abuse women and children because they can’t be prosecuted without the evidence of the resulting pregnancy.

See coverage below of the grave concerns Michigan healthcare providers have “about what a Tudor Dixon administration could mean” for their profession and millions of Michiganders.

MI Advance: ‘She Shouldn’t be Telling Doctors and Physicians How to Practice Medicine’

Following the results of Tuesday’s GOP gubernatorial primary election, physicians around the state said they’re concerned about what a Tudor Dixon administration could mean for pregnant people. 

Dixon, whose run was bolstered by an endorsement by former President Donald Trump, won the Republican nomination with 40.6% of the vote. She was endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan in the primary over four other candidates and has repeatedly defended banning abortion, with no exceptions for health, rape or incest.

But a group of doctors said Thursday they don’t want politicians meddling in medical issues. 

“Health complications are not so black and white. Allowing only vague exceptions defined by politicians leaves significant room for risk and irreparable harm or death for the patient,” said Dr. Stephanie Markle, a general surgeon in Kalamazoo, during a press conference. “So doctors, not politicians are the ones that need to be able to use the full range of treatment options when discussing things with our patients and allowing patients to make fully informed decisions about their health in relation to pregnancy and family planning, and that does include abortion services.” 

“This is why Tudor Dixon is a politician, a businesswoman. She’s not a physician; she’s not a doctor, and she shouldn’t be telling doctors and physicians how to practice medicine.” […]

Dr. Lawrence Ulmer, a family medicine physician in Portage, said that “forcing or pushing victims of rape and incest to carry pregnancy to term is inhumane and goes against all medical ethics.”

“Our leaders should not be forcing this pain and risk and trauma on girls in Michigan who are not even old enough to vote. We want Michigan residents to know politically motivated abortion bans like the one Dixon supports are dangerous and cruel,” Ulmer added. 

FOX 2 Detroit: Group of Doctors Blast Tudor Dixon’s Anti-Abortion Stance

[…] “[Tudor Dixon]’s also going against medical science, evidence and healthcare,” said Dr. Audrey Stryker, OBGYN. […]

“It’s becoming very difficult,” said Stryker. “Patients are sent home with active miscarriages and told they’re not sick enough to have care, or there’s still a heartbeat noted, or there is something that they know this person‘s life is in danger – but they’re unsure of the clarity on how vague the law is.” […]

Doctors say they also worry about the psychological consequences for rape victims lasting long after the baby is born.

“Immediate physical and mental trauma of rape is horrific but a young girl forced to carry and deliver her rapist’s child frequently have a lifetime of mental health struggles,” [Dr. Lawrence Ulmer] added.

WNEM: Michigan Doctors Discussed Medical Impact if 1931 Abortion Ban Were Enforced

[…] Thursday, doctors shared what the medical impact would be if the ban were to be enforced.

Dr. Stephanie Markle talked about Tudor Dixon, the republican nominee for governor.

“She has said on multiple occasions that she supports a near total ban on abortions. Including in cases of rape, incest, and even the rape of a minor child, or victim of sexual abuse,” Markle said. […]

Gongwer: Dem Ad Hits Dixon On Abortion, Doctors Speak Out 

Also on Thursday, the Committee to Protect Health Care advocacy group held a news conference in which several doctors shared concerns about Ms. Dixon’s stances and what it would mean for the state if she were elected.

“I’m especially concerned after the other night when Tudor Dixon won the Republican nomination for governor. Our concerns revolve around this topic of abortion which Mr. Dixon opposes, mostly in entirety, said Dr. Stephanie Markle, a general surgeon working in Kalamazoo, who was invited to be a part of the group’s panel before reporters. “She has said on multiple occasions that she supports a near total ban on abortions including in cases of rape, incest, and even the rape of a minor child or victim of sexual abuse. Her hardline radical position goes against the positions of the majority of Michigan voters and this is including Republican voters who overwhelmingly also support the rights of victims of rape of minors, and to have access to abortion services.”

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