LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Democratic Party today renewed its call for a full investigation of Unlock Michigan following new photographic and video evidence and social media admissions by Unlock Michigan volunteers and paid circulators that show the effort is riddled with criminality and corruption. 

“Mike Shirkey has unleashed a criminal enterprise on the State of Michigan and he needs to renounce it and apologize to the people of Michigan,” said Lavora Barnes, Michigan Democratic Party Chair. Mike Shirkey will go down in history as the first Senate Majority Leader to spark a criminal investigation of a petition effort that he conceived and inflicted on the people he is supposed to represent. We know Mike Shirkey has been actively fundraising for this effort and we demand to know the special interests and individuals Shirkey has enlisted to bankroll the disgraceful crimewave known as Unlock Michigan.”

Barnes praised Attorney General Dana Nessel for launching a criminal investigation into Unlock Michigan’s illegal and improper tactics. Barnes also encouraged the voters in House districts across Michigan to demand that House Republicans renounce the illegal, improper tactics exposed by multiple media reports involving Unlock Michigan. 

“House Republicans talk a good game about law and order, but their despicable actions and active support of Unlock Michigan has exposed them for being total hypocrites and criminal conspirators, and we urge voters to hold them accountable on November 3,” Barnes said.

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