“She Called Hijabs Oppressive Garments… and Excused a Comedian’s Use of Black face.”

It’s not just the trailer-described “offensive” and “disgusting” film “productions that featured gore and other actors in sexual scenes” or the comment that a child victim of incestual rape is the “perfect example” of why abortion should be banned that Tudor Dixon needs to answer for. The DeVos sellout and MIGOP-favorite is back in the news for making a number of recent “insensitive,” racist comments coming on the heels of her super PAC claiming Kevin Rinke’s “repeated use of racial slurs” makes him “simply unelectable” and her own attacks on Rinke’s history of alleged racist comments

According to new reporting by Axios Detroit, while still working as a commentator for extreme conservative online program “Real America’s Voice,” Dixon was crafting her brand off the backs of minorities and other cultures:

“During her career as a commentator, she called Hijabs oppressive garments, suggested Iranian women who marry without the consent of their parents are being “murdered by their own family,” and excused a comedian’s use of Black face.”

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“The litany of racist comments that have surfaced make special interest backed Tudor Dixon ‘simply unelectable’ by her own super PAC’s standard. Dixon has clearly shown that she is not capable of unifying and leading a state as diverse as Michigan, and the insiders propping up her campaign should have to answer for why they’re lining up behind a gubernatorial candidate that clearly isn’t interested in representing all of Michigan.”

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