Today, the Democratic National Committee released two new digital ads featuring Wisconsin voters, who share why they’re voting this year and encourage Wisconsinites to make a plan to vote as soon as possible. The ads are running on digital platforms like YouTube.

“My parents came over to the U.S. as Vietnam War refugees,” said May yer Thao, a community leader. “My parents had limited English skills, but yet they were out there voting. And that made me realize that I also had an obligation. It is time to celebrate each other again and come together to support each others’ communities so that we have a thriving nation again.”

“I grew up watching my parents vote, watching them exercise their power in that way,” said Lauren, a Wisconsin voter. “I’ve never been one to complain about things that I haven’t tried to change or support. And so, I think in order to have an opinion about the outcome, you have to be a part of the input. And, I think voting is a way to do that.”

The videos direct viewers to — Democrats’ comprehensive voter participation website — to find out more about their voting options and make a plan to vote.



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