Ahead of tomorrow’s anniversary of President Joe Biden signing the American Rescue Plan into law, new data shows that more than 300,000 Michiganders received smaller health care bills thanks to the American Rescue Plan which not a single Republican in Michigan’s congressional delegation voted for.  

This news comes as Republicans have doubled down on their promise to deliver an agenda of hiking taxes and raising health insurance premiums if they take power in November. On Monday, Republican Senator Ron Johnson confirmed that some Republicans still want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. That would mean that 100 million Americans with preexisting conditions would lose insurance protections, Americans with private insurance could see their premiums skyrocket, 21 million Americans would lose their insurance, and more. Meanwhile, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott’s agenda would raise taxes on 40% of Michigan’s poorest residents.  

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes released the following statement:

“One year ago President Biden’s American Rescue Plan was signed into law thanks to every single Michigan Democrat and no thanks to a single Republican in Congress. Since then, Michiganders in every corner have seen their health care costs go down by hundreds and more than 300,000 have been able to sign up for coverage. It’s clear: while Democrats work to lower costs for Michiganders, Republicans are running on an agenda that will hike taxes for 40% of folks in our state, strip folks of their health care, and raise costs.”  

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