Ahead of Election Day, the DNC War Room is releasing a new video featuring Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz, a longtime advocate for voting and social justice, to highlight the Trump administration’s failures and encourage people to make a plan to vote.

“Trump is a president who likes to say that there’s good people on both sides when they march with tiki torches, but tear gasses people when they want Black lives to matter. He has separated families and put children in cages. He’s as bankrupt morally as he is financially,” said Beatriz in the video. “So I get it, you’re tired. But we are so close. Wanna get some restful sleep? Wanna log onto twitter without a sense of existential dread? Then vote for Joe Biden, the candidate who is no nonsense. Take it from me, Stephanie Beatriz, a tired American who plays no-nonsense Rosa Diaz on TV.”

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