@DiXonFiles on Twitter and Instagram will routinely publish Dixon’s outlandish and dangerous comments that prove how unfit she is to serve as Michigan’s Governor

LANSING — Today, the Michigan Democratic Party is unveiling @DiXonFiles, a brand new Twitter and Instagram account dedicated to highlighting the dangerous comments from Tudor Dixon that underscore how wrong-for-Michigan her agenda is. A one stop shop for all of Tudor Dixon’s extreme views, the account will hold her accountable for her extreme record — from excusing blackface to claiming Planned Parenthood operates a “business model” in schools. 

Special interest-backed Dixon will try to paper over her dangerous record and pull the wool over Michiganders’ eyes, but @DiXonFiles will feature the facts – in her own words – on what she has said to spread conspiracy theories and dangerous ideas. 

“Tudor Dixon is not only hiding on the campaign trail, she’s also attempting to hide her more extreme, bizarre, and downright dangerous comments from the Michiganders too,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “Michigan families expect their Governor to put facts first, support working families, and invest in our state’s resources — not spout conspiracy theories. We cannot trust Tudor Dixon in the Governor’s seat and this account will showcase that.” 

After special interests poured in millions to drag her through the primary, Tudor Dixon has pulled a Houdini act, disappearing off the trail and avoiding local media in favor of far-right cable news shows and national special interests — leading some in the media to observe that “Tudor Dixon is on her backfoot right now. I mean, it’s very clear.” As she hides from voters, the Michigan Democratic Party will make sure Michiganders know exactly what Dixon stands for. 

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