LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Democratic Party announced a new TV ad that starts airing today highlighting State Representative Annette Glenn, discussing in her own words her extreme position on abortion, which includes forcing the victims of rape or incest to give birth. 

“State Representative Annette Glenn will stop at nothing to put her politics over people. Glenn is a danger to Michigan families,” said Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “Women and children shouldn’t have to suffer because politicians like Annette Glenn want to put private decisions in the hands of the government. Having a choice puts the power back in the hands of women in some of the darkest moments of their lives. 

The ad will air in the Flint media market as well as on digital channels. The transcript of Hard Things can be found below and the ad can be viewed here:

Voice-over: Annette Glenn wants to ban abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Listen in her own words:

Molly Morrisey: I asked you about rape and incest.

Annette Glenn: It’s still a child, so whatever we can do to help the mom get through and protect the child.

Molly Morrisey: Even if the mother is a child?

Annette Glenn: Yeah.

Molly Morrisey: That boils down to forcing a child to have a child.

Voice-over: Annette Glenn supports putting victims of rape or incest in jail.

Annette Glenn cares more about politics than people.


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