Nearly 60 days out from the election, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is desperately trying to cover for MAGA candidates who are lying about their extreme records on abortion. 

We have some news for McDaniel: Your candidates are lying. MAGA Republicans across the country are on the record supporting abortion bans with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother — an extreme stance that is wildly out of step with the American people. 

Associated Press: “[McDaniel]… [sidestepped] questions about candidates like Mastriano, Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who oppose such exceptions.”

No matter how hard she tries to spin it, McDaniel can’t lie her way out of the fact that her party’s nominees have gone on the record pushing for draconian proposals like forcing 10-year-old rape victims to give birth.

Michigan Advance: “[Tudor] Dixon opposes abortion for rape victims because there’s ‘healing through the baby’”

EXHIBIT A: When asked during a Republican primary debate whether “all abortions should be illegal in this country,” Iowa GOP congressional candidate Zach Nunn raised his hand.

Associated Press: “During a primary debate in May, Iowa Republican Zach Nunn and his two rivals were asked to raise their hand if they thought all abortions should be illegal. ‘All abortions, no exceptions…’ Nunn’s hand went up.”

Now, just two months out from Election Day, MAGA Republicans like Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters are desperately trying to scrub their websites clean of these extreme views. But let’s be perfectly clear: Republicans are fooling absolutely no one — and Americans will hold them accountable for their anti-choice extremism come November.

NBC News: “Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters… scrubbed his website’s policy page of tough abortion restrictions Thursday as his party reels from the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade.”

Axios: “Republican candidates around the country are trying to disappear the hardline anti-abortion stances they took during their primaries.”

Ronna McDaniel can try to spin it all she wants, but the truth is clear — many MAGA Republicans want extreme abortion bans that make no exception for rape, incest, or the health of the mother.

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