Last week, James Craig visited charter schools to give a preview of his dangerous education agenda – a DeVos style voucher scheme that would decimate public education.

The Detroit Dodger’s first public appearance after months of silence and stonewalling from his “relatively quiet” campaign was less than successful. Craig has refused to answer basic questions surrounding the issues Michiganders care about since joining the gubernatorial primary in July. 

WATCH for Tim Skubick’s analysis of the “supposed” frontrunner’s standing and read the full transcript below:

JORMA DURAN (WLAJ-ABC): Yeah and it’s interesting. I haven’t heard much from any of the Republican candidates, either just whether or not they’re bashing her or not. What is the update with those who were trying to unseat her? 

TIM SKUBICK: Yeah, that’s a good story there. You’ve got a gaggle of 13 candidates, a baker’s dozen, which are vying for the right to take on Governor Gretchen Whitmer. I think the news that we saw this week is that James Craig, who was supposed to be the front runner, self-described by some of his supporters, is not showing much chutzpah and frontrunner status. 

He’s been avoiding the media. He did some media rounds this past week, but here’s the interesting thing. Down in the very important Detroit market, where he is used to having cameras all over the place – in fact, they call them ‘Hollywood Craig.’ He had one camera show up for a news conference, which is not the kind of stuff you’ll want to see, DURAN: Not what you want to see Tim.

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