This month, Mike Pence launched a book tour that no one asked for in a desperate attempt to rehab his tattered public image — but it’s falling flat, and people are taking notice. 

Try as he might to “have it all ways at once” when it comes to the Trump-Pence administration’s extreme record, the truth is that Pence stood next to Donald Trump for four years as his loyal MAGA footsoldier.

CNN: “Pence’s comments on Monday are an attempt to paper over his own role in aiding and abetting Trump’s behavior in the White House. The simple fact is that Pence was a loyal second in command, regularly defending Trump from his various self-created controversies.”

New York Times: “Feel free to buy the book, but don’t buy the redemption tale just yet. Pence was indeed in the White House to serve, but he served [Trump’s] needs more than those of the nation.”

Let’s not forget: Pence kicked off his book tour by bragging that the “greatest accomplishment” of the Trump-Pence administration was helping install the three Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade

Mike Pence: “Of course, to me the greatest accomplishment [of the Trump-Pence administration] was three Supreme Court justices.”

And Pence is only trying to rewrite history now that he has a book to sell and is eyeing a 2024 campaign.

Washington Post: “And that’s what makes Pence’s slowly accreting condemnation of Trump so hard to watch: It’s the person in the bad relationship only slowly being able to verbalize what to everyone else has been so obvious for so long. And only when he has a book to sell.”

Mike Pence is twisting himself into pretzels in a desperate attempt to remake his image — but no matter how hard he tries to have it both ways on Trump’s brand of MAGA extremism, he’s not fooling anyone.

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